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Welcome to Catalyst Circle

The Catalyst Circle is a “human sensor array” that monitors the current state and future plans regarding governance in Project Catalyst. The Circle detects and discusses concerns, objections and opportunities arising within the Catalyst eco-system. The activity outputs a transparent view into the hopes, wants, needs and concerns of the community, IOG and CF with project Catalyst. Read more in this “Introducing the Catalyst Circle” article by Kriss Baird from July 2021

Catalyst Circle Version 3


Circle Representatives

1 - Cardano Foundation

Catalyst Circle Cardano Foundation - Bullish Dumpling -

Cardano Foundation

2 - Community Advisors

Catalyst Circle Community Advisors - Nadia Hopkins -

Community Advisors

3 - Funded Proposers

Catalyst Circle Funded Proposers - Mercy A -

Funded Proposers

4 - General ADA Holders

Catalyst Circle General ADA Holders - Dmitri -

General ADA Holders

5 - IOG

Catalyst Circle IOG - Harris Warren -


6 - Stakepool Operators

Catalyst Circle Stakepool Operators - Rhys -

Stakepool Operators

7 - Toolmakers and Maintainers

Catalyst Circle Toolmakers and Maintainers - Joey Chessner -

Toolmakers and Maintainers